Losing Precious Things

Dad says I’m not allowed to be friends with Jonah anymore. He took my Bible off me again. He says that I have to give up being a Christian.
I can never give up on Jesus. Dad can’t understand that.
I’m just glad I learned all those memory verses now.
Jonah will always be my friend too – even if I’m not allowed to talk to him or spend time with him anymore.
At least I still have Emily.
Dad wouldn’t stop me from seeing Emily. Would he?
Please God don’t let Dad take away my friendship with my cousin Emily. She is the only person I have left to share my friendship with you with.
Verse of the Day
This is love: Not that we loved God but that he loved us and sent his son to us to be an atoning sacrifice for our sin. 1 John 4:10


A Simple Song and Amazing Grace

We pulled it off.  Emily and I pulled it off.  Well – God pulled it off, Emily and I just got the idea and asked and prayed.  Hard.

We are learning songs with words about God.  I can learn things by doing my music practice all I have to do is learn the words and then I can say them to myself while I’m practicing.  Emily picked out Amazing Grace – which I’ve never heard all of before – I had to get a dictionary out to look up some of the words.  My dictionary is getting a lot of work lately between that and Bible reading.  She also picked another song that’s a bit trickier to play and to figure out the words for out of one of Auntie Alciana’s books.  Here’s the words for that one:

Stronger, wiser, fuller, kinder

more gracious, more humble, more great.

All knowing, all present, all powerful, all God.

Father, King, brother, immortal incarnate.

Where shall I stand when I enter the gates?

Shall I bow? Shall I greet?  Shall I flee?

Shall I fall to my knees as I cast my eyes down

and ask, “Why did you bother with me?”

All seeing, all knowing, invisible God

who sees all my heart, all my ways –

How does thou not mock, not reject, not despise?

How can thou show such a child undeserved grace?

All gracious, all powerful and all loving God

May your praises resound through the earth!

All mighty, all serving and all ruling God

You exchanged my foul heart for Christ’s worth.

All glory, all thanks and all worship belong

at your feet; All honour before you!

May I humble myself to walk in your ways,

speak your truth and let you shine through.

Thanks God for a great day.  Please let me keep playing songs with words that I can learn from.


Learning Time

I got a phone call from Emily last night.  Sometimes she is so lucky, God.  How amazing.  She’s going to Sunday School this week and every week because she has question she wants to know about you.  She and Jazz and Uncle Paul – all of them are going.  Emily wants to understand more about God and Uncle Paul says it’s time they all did and that Auntie Lisa wanted them to too and that was it.

God, why is my Dad so against you when Emily’s Dad will let her go to Sunday School just to find out stuff?  I don’t think that’s very fair.  Why won’t you make my Dad let me go to Sunday School too?  Please, will you do that?

Dad found my Bible last night.  He took it off me and said that it was junk and that I should be reading better things.  Thank you that Jonah brought me a Bible today from his Mum with easy words.  I told him about Dad taking my Bible last night.  He told me that God’s timing is pretty clever.  He said that once when he was living overseas his last pair of warm shoes that fit – cos he was growing awfully fast – got busted and it was too cold to go anywhere without shoes on and then his next pair which had been lost in the post turned up the next day.  When I told him about Emily, he was really excited and didn’t get at first why I wasn’t.

But then he promised that on Mondays he would bring his lessons from Sunday to school and show me what they learnt every week.  That’s pretty cool of him.  Still, I really wish I could go.

Maybe one day Dad will let me.

Dear God,

Please help Dad not be mad about you all the time.  I want him to love you too.  And I want Mum and Callum to be Christians as well.  Will you do that, God?  Please?  All of them?  Please make him let me go to Sunday school.  And help me find a new place to hide my new Bible where Dad won’t find it.


Whale Breath

Today at school Jonah and I were hanging out with Steven Wright.  Steve can be a bit of a know it all so everybody calls him Stevie’s Right – except Jonah.  And Heidi Caritas. And Lei and Omar.  I guess it really isn’t nice – but he’s awful to people and he has to show off like he knows so much.  Still …

Today at recess he was going on and on about how Jonah stunk of Whale breath and he was asking him what the plankton looked like up close.  But Jonah just said,

“I don’t know about the plankton, that was my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great,great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather six times removed – but if you want to find out what it was like, I can show you where to find the book.”

“Steve, who obviously knew exactly where to find the book looked a bit mad that Jonah beat him with an answer.”

When he was well out of earshot, I got up the nerve to ask Jonah,

“Hey, what was that about?  Why does he keep saying you smell like whale breath.”

So Jonah told me about the story of Jonah in the Bible and how he was swallowed by a whale and how he went to run away from what God wanted him to do, but God got him to do it anyway.  It was MAD!

At lunch time we got out his Bible and started reading it.

Jonah’s Bible is easier to read that the one I have.  Mine is full of hard words and I have to use the dictionary all the time.  Jonah says his Mum helps with scripture at some schools from his Church and they give Bibles like his to kids who want to read more about God, so he might be able to get me one.  For free.  Like the kids who can go to Scripture.

How cool would that be.  It’s awful hard work when you have to keep looking up words all the time.

Thanks God for Jonah and his Mum and please can I have a Bible.